Exclusive: Rapaport on FBi Radio

Rapaport is one the most creatively diverse MCs in Australia and co-label manager of Big Village. For the last 8 years Rapaport has contributed extensively to the Sydney hip hop/ arts scene in various groups and artistic projects as an MC, manager, musician and producer.

Rapaport is a founding member of Loose Change with Ellesquire and P Major, and guitarist and front man of live band The Phonies, who released their debut EP Keeping It Fake in 2007. He is also creator and director of Hip Hop theatre, game show Sketch The Rhyme, which is a 12 piece live show of MCs, visual artists and band, who have performed at Edinburgh Fringe Fest 2011, Woodford Folk Fest 2010 & 2011 and Melbourne Fringe fest 2010. 

This is a live radio session I did at FBi Radio on ‘The Drop’ with ‘Joyride’ in August. The radio session is very much on the style of UK radio sessions where I’be thrown in a whole bunch of material, old and new over some new beats that in really feeling. The first beat is ‘Buggn’ from the TNGHT EP by Hudson Mohawke and Lunar C, the second beat is Lighter by Champion. I really like the buzz of doing raps on live radio, I really enjoy challenging myself technically and seeing how polished I can make the overall performance“. – Rapaport

Most of these verses are taken from the Patterns mixtape which is available for free download from here.

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