Jackie Onassis – Holiday

Sydney duo Jackie Onassis are surely the best kept secret in Australian hip-hop. Comprised of vocalist Kai and producer Raph, Jackie Onassis are the newest members of the One Day crew, a collective comprised of Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate and Joyride.


Kai belongs to a rare breed of MCs who have a masterful command of their voice, combining sharp delivery with rich, catchy melodies. Raph’s beats blend lush synths and electronica, warm samples, 808 drums and live instruments to create a distinct and truly unique style of production. Jackie Onassis’ explosive live show have already caught the attention of many. Melbourne MC Illy hand-picked the duo to support him on his Bring it Back tour, and recently wowed audiences on Spit Syndicate’s Beauty in the Bricks tour.

Jackie Onassis’ recent single Crystal Balling is currently on rotation on triple j and serves as the lead single from their debut EP: Holiday. This 8-track offering showcases the duo’s knack for weaving dense storytelling, Gen-Y commentary and energetic, catchy choruses, amongst textured, contemporary production.

Holiday is available for free download; check it out today and see why the hype is so deserved – because Jackie Onassis are a secret that won’t be kept for much longer.

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