The Psyde Projects – Re-Dizzled

The Psyde Projects, D-Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine’s new single Re-Dizzled, is given an animated interpretation courtesy of an amazing local artist, OhnoesD-Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine’s, who are all beat maker’s, who’s musical creations are littered with samples from diggers’ records and unpretentious lyrics.

Re Dizzled

The Psyde Projects have an affinity with vinyl and the MPC, and together the three colour their music with genres and styles off a variety of records. Their catchy hook lines and punchy rhymes send dance floors stir crazy while the posers still get pleased. D’fro & ILResponse deliver the goodness through their raps, while Moonshine slices and dices over their beats. Amid all this global conquest is not far from their thoughts.

The new single and video clip Re-Dizzled was launched Nov 24th 2012 at Strictly BMX. Tom Showtime has also released a remix of Re-Dizzled, you can check that out below.

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