This fiercely independent and unfettered MC hints toward provoking a renaissance after his debut EP Let The Music Play where upon the young MC unleashes fury and proves his point on the bold and daring 5-track assault, establishing himself on the national stage.

The Arrival - Profecy

From the emerging class of talented freshmen on their come up, at just 22 years young, Profecy grew up in Lismore, on the NSW coast, and with little to no scene he found a way to go at it alone with a makeshift garage studio. Here he learned the subtle balance in delivering rhymes over a given beat – something he would later become quite astute at. After graduation, Profecy moved to Brisbane where he is currently studying music business at the JMC Academy.

Profecy’s latest effort comes in the form of The Arrival, a ten track ‘name your price’ mixtape. Featuring Matt B. Vitals, Corbett, Jae Bruitt and more. You can pick the up the full tape here.

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