Barbone – Round 2

23-year old Barbone started rapping around 2003. He’s listened to rap all his life taking inspiration from grimy 90s hip hop like Onyx, Biggie Smalls, RA The Rugged Man and so on. He started rapping in the Melbourne crew, Reverse Psychology but had a falling out with them years ago and decided to pursue a solo career.


Lurking in the shadows for too long can cause a local head to lose face, so that’s where Barbone’s new promo clip comes in… with the intention to make sure that not one of you ever forgets his face once revealed. Anyone who’s known Barbone for too long knows exactly what he’s about, with Fatty Phew up on the filming and editing of this new promo clip and Luger (aka 5 Foot Nothing) of Reverse Psychology crew up on the production, I think it’s clear to say that he’s a very serious man.

His next album is going to feature a vast variety of well known producers and emcees from all corners of the country. Although Barbone hasn’t revealed anything specifically about who and what is to be expected, all you need to know and do right now is to watch the promo clip.

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