Seven – The Island

Since the release of Good Thing late in 2011, Seven has risen from relative obscurity to being heralded as ‘the one to watch’ amongst his peers. He now returns with single The Island,’ an upbeat take on a downturn that ooze’s the summer life that Seven chases so frenetically.

Seven The Island

The ongoing partnership with Brisbane producer Cam Bluff again proves to be a rewarding one, with Bluff bringing his trademark drums to the tune in the only way he knows how, strong. Still, The Island sits on a different tangent to the previous work of the Gold Coast rapper, but given the independent operation run by the team themselves, maybe they don’t care. After a year working on a YouTube project with Mr Hill, Seven is now focussed on his third and final EP, In Transit. Loose and carefree, The Island is put together the only way Zach knows how; raw, honest and charismatic; it is the first hint at what is to come from In Transit.

Seven finished 2012 by joining the hip-hop mega bill of Sprung Festival, aswell as joining Spit Syndicate and Allday in a quick dash around the East Coast. He, along with close friend Mr Hill are heading around the country in February and March in Support of Drapht’s ‘Uni-Verse’ Tour. In Transit will be released in mid 2013 in-line with a national tour before the rapper retreats to his island (literally) for the second half of the year.

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