The Tongue – Drums

When it comes to hip hop, there isn’t much The Tongue hasn’t done. He is an infamous MC battle champion, seasoned touring artist and a prolific songwriter, with two albums (Shock And Awe and Alternative Energy); three mixtapes and an EP (Bad Education) to his name.

The Tongue

The Tongue is set to release his third album Surrender To Victory on March 15, 2013. The first single Drums is dropping shortly. Initial details on the album have been released and will feature Suffa, Illy, Sky’High, Joyride, Tom Scott (Home Brew), Ellesquire, Spit Syndicate, Thundamentals, Jimblah and more. Surrender To Victory is produced by Cam Bluff and will be available March 15 through Elefant Traks.

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