Mailer Daemon – Always On The Grind (feat. Jeswon, The Tongue, & P Smurf)

Persian blooded, American born, Malaysian bred, and Sydney based beat-maestro Mailer Daemon has established himself as an exciting and innovative producer. Having emerged from a deep long secluded winter in the studio with talk of an amazing debut record, the entree lead single for which does not disappoint.

mailer daemon

With a Depeche Mode meets Kanye musical palette, Mailer crafts an anthem with Always on the Grind. The record stars three top Sydney MC’s: Jeswon, The Tongue, & P Smuf; our protagonists paint a narrative journey into the world of job-juggling Sydney musicians. Sharing the story of untold bedroom artists, expressing the idealism of oppurtunistic dreamers, and voicing the relentless passion required in the path for success; Always on the Grind packs the punch of a familiar anthem.

Innovation and diversity have been Mailer Daemon’s ethos through his musical journey from Indie-Electro (Just Where You Want Me ft. Nik Valentino), Indie-Hop (Keep On Moovin ft. Peach), and Electro-Pop (Bad Move Baby Ft. Catcall). Not to mention a solid slew of remixes for artists such as Bag Raiders, The Panics, Killa Queens, & The Herd.

The lyrical vision, theme, and format of this latest offering have been craft-fully aligned and refined to resonate with the Australian audience at large; the beat is supported by a sonic-scape that characterises the trending fusion-centric Sydney club sound. The hook cuts through infectiously and immediately, hosting a design that is strong for the radio format as well as a solid club-banger.

Always On The Grind demonstrates Mailer’s ability to craft modern pop music with street aesthetics; further solidifying his sound as accurately representing fresh Australian hip hop, holding relevance in the ever-evolving club climate, and keeping ahead of the times through trend-setting musical innovation.

Stay tuned for the release dates of Mailer’s Debut EP and accompanying live headline national tour.

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