Tom Showtime – Original Recipes

Tom Showtime is a man of many guises. DJ. Producer. Remixer. Saxophonist. Gramophone Enthusiast. From Be-Bop to Breakbeat and everything in between, Tom’s passion for music is paralleled only by his legendary (some would say mythical) enjoyment of watermelon, coffee and cricket. That’s just how he rolls. 

ORIGINAL recipes

2013 has seen Tom getting a taste for rocking bigger dance floors and in turn producing bigger tunes. This is gaining him international recognition through a series of releases championed by legendary UK label Ghetto Funk, resulting in a four track Artist EP and him being added to the roster. Add to this his collaboration with DJ Maars ‘The Chippa Irie EP’ on Booty Fruit reaching #1 on Juno Download Best Selling Chart and it’s easy to see why his sound is flavour of the month…

All Ingredients Produced & Mixed By Tom Showtime
1. Showtime Intro

2. Funkin’ Em All – Tom Showtime (Ghetto Funk Presents…)
3. Champion Steez – DJ Maars vs Tom Showtime (The Chippa Irie EP)
4. untitled – with Atliens accapella by Outkast
5. G’Funk’d Up – Tom Showtime (Your Word Against Mine)
6. Punchy Disco – Tom Showtime (The Showtime EP 2008)
7. How G’s Get Money – Tom Showtime (Ghetto Funk Presents…)
8. The Short Mac – Tom Showtime (The Jam Thief LP)
9. The Funk Thermometer – Tom Showtime (Your Word Against Mine)
10. Funk Pants ft The Psyde Projects – Tom Showtime (Funk Pants 45)
11. Boogie Shoes (Tom Showtime Remix) – KC & The Sunshine Band (Ghetto Funk Icons Vol 3)
12. Got To B-Real – Tom Showtime (Ghetto Funk Presents…)
13. Latin F@&% – Tom Showtime (Your Word Against Mine)
14. Heatwave Episode – DJ Maars vs Tom Showtime (The Chippa Irie EP)
15. They Call This The Message (Classified vs Dr Dre) – Tom Showtime (Mashiona Mashups EP)

Hope You Enjoy The Flavour!

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