Big Words – Big Words Vol.1

Big Words are rapidly making a name for themselves as one of the rawest, most  exciting live Hip-hop outfits in Melbourne. But don’t let the tag fool you, they are far from being just another generic Hip Hop act. Their sound is diverse, adding a different dimension to their sound with every listen. 

Big Words Volume 1

Favouring free styling, Big Words are known to sample elements of Funk, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rock and Soul into their heavily textured sound, finding their inspiration from within these genres and making them their own. Big Words music gives a fresh voice to the youth of today with their unique song-writing abilities and their forward thinking attitude to making music. Big Words are bringing their own vision of Hip Hop culture to the streets of Melbourne. The next generation of hip hop kids are here.

Coming together quite by accident in mid 2010, Big Words have been making big noise ever since. From chance meeting between Kieren Lee, Lawrence Troiano and Will Scullin outside the supermarket where Kieren was busking and a quick exchange of cigarettes and music, Big Words was born.

The boys started jamming and pretty soon they all realized they had something special. With four or five years of experience in song writing, singing and guitar playing under his belt, Kieren soon started experimenting with incorporating rapping and free styling. Lawrence provided the rehearsal space and the slap-crash-bang of his madcap drumming. They scored two gigs at Room 680, the famed Melbourne super club.

In April of 2011 an unknown by the name of Cam Dusting found himself in the midst of the Big Words vibe. The final piece of the puzzle was in place and after a long search, the line-up was complete. In 2013 Big Words are gigging and recording like there’s no tomorrow. The music of Big Words is colourful tight, relevant, and real. They are the voice of the streets and they don’t care too much whether you like Hip Hop, they just want to play some music.

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