Dutch – Hank Moody feat. Puks

Emerging from Sydney’s underground hip hop scene, Dutch has been involved in the hip hop world for a number of years now. Growing a musical partnership with respected producers Ta-Ku and Cam Bluff , Dutch is fast becoming a highly regarded artist with unquestionable potential. 

dutch hank moody

Dutch is almost set to release his first and highly anticipated album Arcadia in early 2013…

What is most exciting about Arcadia, is the textured blend of Dutch’s first picturesque mixtape “The Point Of No Return” released in 2011, and the daring and collaborative sounds newly developed over the two years since. The album features a stack of highly talented producers such as Cam Bluff (360, spit Syndicate), Ta-Ku (Illy, Drapht), Cam Gilmour (drummer for Illy) and also J-Squared (Pegz) and a plethora of incredible rappers, soon to be announced, but includes Hue Blanes, Puks, and more.

Dutch has been working hard to deliver an energetic, thought provoking and dynamic album. With tracks like the brand new Hank Moody, an ultimate party song with a bit of a twist which is produced by Ta-Ku, to the track My Way, tackling very personal yet entirely relatable issues of 20 something Australians everywhere. Arcadia is definitely an album that has both extremes – positivity and despair – and all the other shit in between. More information to come soon.

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