Tu P – Two Flags

Tu P, the hip-hop artist with an MD, launched his brand new album at the Scorcher Festival in Brisbane on April 28th 2013. The inspiration for the music comes from Tu P’s interesting background and follows his unlikely path to hip-hop music. Tu P is a proud Australian with Vietnamese roots.


The son of refugees, a doctor, writer and performer, Tu P’s music mixes influences and genres to buoy lyrics that tell the story of his unique background and experience. His musical journey began on a trip to Vietnam to discover his roots that his Vietnamese parents were forced to leave behind. His music, like his life bridges two different cultures and has vast appeal. Tu P’s influences, which include DMX, Eminem and 2Pac, inspire his music, but do not dictate his sound, which his background imbibes with a distinctive sense of individuality.

His music, while gaining ground in the mainstream, is for his fans, not to promote an image. He writes to inspire and his upcomng debut album Made of Jade has been acclaimed by music critic Alex Henderson as “enjoyably unconventional.”

Tu P is young, talented and emerging. His music is indicative of a new generation of hip-hop, coming not from the criminal underworld, but from a background rich with unique experience that tells a story as it flows from verse to rhyme. Tu P is unpretentious and ambitious and his debut album provides his fans with a refreshing and unique take on hip hop.

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