Droopy & Mosé – Palace

Palace is the culmination of love for music, style and hard work. A melting pot of musicality and emotion, Palace marks a new beginning of sorts for a heavily slept on duo, Droopy & Mosé, whom are poised to jumpstart the renewal of a heavily slept on scene. 


Always a beautiful partnership when the two join forces, Palace constitutes a brief, but powerful three-track release, which covers all bases, and keeps the listener craving for more. Hard hitting beats, laced with expressive, soulful chords, layered with thought-provoking yet beautiful lyricism. Palace does not aim to be the new-release, up-to-date, progressive hype music that is commonly heard nowadays.

All we want to do is combine our love of hip-hop with some classic flows, leaving the listener with something destined for the repeat button.

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