Interview LWP 003: Doc Felix Travelling In ‘The Right Direction’

Little Wonder Productions is a hip-hop, funk & soul label involved in the production, manufacturing and distribution of it’s products on various audio formats. Doc Felix’s latest release is a 10″ vinyl piece featuring South Australian MC Dialect. The Right Direction 10″ is available now. 

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aahh: Tell us a bit about the philosophy behind Little Wonder Productions, the label in general and your role in the whole show?
Doc Felix: Well I started Little Wonder Productions firstly as a production company (term used loosely) to release my own stuff but with a view to release music from other like-minded artists. It just so happened that I managed to find these like-minded artists and between us ideas started to come together about ways we could put this music out. My role in the label is as the label-owner which means I’m responsible for assisting the artists to put their ideas, the organisation of artwork, film clip and promo ideas and all the way through to the packaging and distribution of the product. I guess our philosophy would be to release music in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing plus enjoyable to listen to.

aahh: The Right Direction featuring MC Dialect is the third in the series of dope releases form LWP. Tell us a bit about the concept of this series and those who have been apart of making this music?
Doc Felix: Putting these singles out was a way for me to get some sense of closure on the ‘Guilt By Association’ project I had been working on. After the project had not come together in the pre-arranged time-frame I initially decided to let it go and focus on some newer stuff. So the tracks just kind of sat there for a while until the opportunity to put something out on wax came through my friend Tuc at Cut/Record. I initially decided to release the Brad Strut: ‘Enough Of Me?’ single because I felt that it pretty much directly reflected my mind state at the time. It was after the success of that single I figured I could potentially release another single or two. The label to me is an outlet to be creative so I’ve not limited myself on how I wanted to put something out. It was as much a choice of deciding how I wanted to present these tracks as it was the choice of tracks also. Presentation is important to me and from what I can gather people have both noticed and appreciated that which is great.

aahh: As mentioned The Right Direction features South Australian MC Dialect, how did you two hook up and what was it like working with each other?
Doc Felix: I had initially had some brief conversations with MC Dialect via social networking years back so was aware of who he was but it was after seeing the clip to ‘Prolific’ on Rage one night that I was so impressed by his delivery that I went out and purchased the ‘Vortex’ album the next day. I pretty much had it on repeat for at least six months or so. The more I listened to it the more I thought ‘oh, this guy is the real deal I got to get him involved’ so I contacted him and asked if he was keen to get on board. The track came together really easily and I thought he really nailed the vibe of the beat and helped me to turn it into something special. Working with Dialect was an absolute pleasure. The guy is incredibly talented and is totally  professional in his approach to his art. Hopefully we’ll get together on something else in the future. We’ll see.

aahh: Tell us a bit about the track itself, and why you wanted to capture it on a medium such as vinyl?
Doc Felix: Initially we had considered calling the track something else but given the concise nature of the lyrics and that I was at the time in a transitional period I thought ‘The Right Direction’ was a more suitable title. Putting it out on vinyl is not (and never will be) something to do to ensure sales or anything like that. Quite the opposite in fact. I don’t think there is a more difficult and expensive way to put music out. So releasing music on vinyl is because it’s a physical format you can hold in your hands and look at and enjoy that way plus it’s a format that I have been enjoying for many, many years.

aahh: All 3 in the series from LWP have sold out including both 7″ version and the 10″ version of I Don’t Play feat. Muph. Do you feel that there has been a resurgence in the love for vinyl in Australia, or do you see it that there has always been support for vinyl, you just have to produce the right product for it to be a success. What are your views on this situation?
Doc Felix: There has definitely been some kind of resurgence of vinyl sales in this country. I think people have also noticed the apparent resale value of these types of products as well and have jumped on board for those reasons too. I mean, I get customers ordering four copies of these releases at a time. I’m not sure what else you’d do with four copies of anything except sit on them to maybe sell them later on. But I’m cool with that, y’know? I’d like to think that the success of what we have done is entirely based on the music alone but clearly there are many other factors that influence these types of situations. I guess I’ve been lucky so far, I really can’t put it down to anything else to be honest. I just try to create a product that I think I would ordinarily purchase myself and hope that others feel the same way about it.

aahh: There hasn’t really been a pattern to the releases over the last year or so, the first two dropped in a couple of months of each other. Do you work on tracks ahead of time or are they made as the come to you?
Doc Felix: Initially I had planned to drop the single with Dialect late last year but due to the fact Dialect & Despair were about to drop their album we decided to put it off for a while. The rest of the time between then and now was spent organising the manufacture of the vinyl records. I had the majority of the tracks for the ‘Guilt By Association’ project already mixed so it was mainly a case of ok’ing the mix with the MC and then finding the funding for the project.

aahh: Are there plans to continue this series and what do you see as the future for his project?
Doc Felix: That I’m not 100% on at this stage. I do have a number of unreleased tracks here from the ‘Guilt By Association’ project that I’m considering putting out in some way, shape or form. The project has in my opinion probably dated somewhat compared to the newer stuff I’ve been working on since but at the same time there are some good tracks there that I know that people would probably enjoy hearing. The project was created to be listened to in its entirety from start to end and the whole thing had a kind of flow to it. So when I had a problem with one or two of the tracks to me it meant I had a problem with the whole album. Every link in the chain was to me vital to the whole album as an experience. I would have liked to put it out as a whole but I wasn’t entirely happy with some of the tracks at the time and knew I would regret putting it out if it were unfinished.

aahh: Has the artist’s you’ve chosen to work with on this project given you the ability to maybe produce a live show out of this, is that something you’d be interested in doing?
Doc Felix: I would love to see a show that includes all the artists I worked with on this project. I picked pretty much all of my favourite MC’s in Australia to work with so in my opinion that would be a killer line-up. There is however a lot of work that would have to go into putting a show like that together. I’m think I’m more about the music than the shows nowadays though so I’m not sure I’d be up for organising it to be honest.

aahh: There has been a lot of issues with vinyl distribution in Australia at the moment, you’ve obviously gone a different route on this. what are your thoughts on the whole distribution issues that seem to constantly plague the scene and what you did to avoid these pitfalls?
Doc Felix: Well you’re probably unlikely to come up against many issues pressing CD’s locally that’s for sure. However there is naturally a whole lot more to pressing vinyl than simply finding a company online and making an order. It is imperative that the product be mastered professionally, artwork submitted in the appropriate formats and continual liaison with the manufacturer to ensure everything is going according to plan and then there’s the shipping. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. It’s hard work and many things can go wrong along the way. To avoid the pitfalls it takes one to be assertive at all times.

aahh: How can head’s keep up to date with all things LWP related?
Doc Felix: We are currently in the process of discussing the validity of our own website. If we do follow through with this I’m not expecting it to be completed until probably later this year or early next year. In the meantime I’d suggest that people can subscribe to the Little Wonder Productions Facebook Page or follow us on twitter we definitely have some exciting releases coming out in the next 12-18 months.

aahh: Final comments and shit we’ve missed?
Doc Felix: Yeah, some advice if you’re pursuing a career in music. It’s important to have some type of understanding as to the business behind it. Being a capable musician is simply not enough. Create realistic goals and expect that it will be at times difficult and that you may put years of work in with seemingly little acknowledgement for your efforts. But most importantly, never give up on your dreams if it’s all that you have.

The LWP 003 & 004 Double Record Release Launch Party will be helped Saturday June 8, @ Atticus Finch. Featuring Doc Felix, Oath, Geezy & TW Himself.

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