Music News: ZoshPit – Australia’s Premiere Music Focused Crowdfunding Platform

Australia’s premiere music dedicated crowdfunding site has now launched. ZoshPit’s mission is to revolutionise the Australian music industry by offering  a platform tailored to the needs of artists, bands and musicians. 


ZoshPit is the only crowdfunding platform based in Australia to focus purely on music related projects. In addition to raising funds via fan funding, the site offers artists the ability to upload, and sell their tracks without giving away a commission (PayPal transactions fees still apply).

 Crowdfunding itself offers artists and fans a way of connecting like never before. By showing support by pledging towards projects, fans can receive novel and personalised rewards and incentives, unlike the traditional forms of music distribution. Artists can use ZoshPit to fund any music related project such as producing an album, putting on a gig, or filming a new music video.

“This is an exciting time for our music industry. Being able to facilitate making a few musical dreams come true is an honour. By focusing purely on music, we’re not only providing a more tailored platform for artists and bands, but we’re also providing a better experience for their fans. We don’t want crowdfunding on ZoshPit to be just about raising funds and doing your thing. It’s about creating long term relationships everyone involved,” said ZoshPit Co-Founder, Julian Chong.

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