Dr Flea – Keep On Moving

From the Melbourne streets and into the clubs; Dr. Flea first burst onto the scene through spitting bars at grime nights, raves, and ciphers. He represents a fresh and youthful approach to music that appeals across genres and strays from the conservative approach to Hip-Hop.

dr flea keep on moving

2011 and 2012 saw a young Dr. Flea hustling his sound across several mix tapes, shows, and growing notoriety as he collaborated with Will Sparks (Chemical Energy) and made a massive impact on the Melbourne EDM scene. The work with Will Sparks hit the top 10 on the Beatport charts and garnered Dr. Flea a massive following as he continued to work with untraditional sounds and BPMs that traditional MCs strayed away from. Now, 2013 has seen Dr. Flea join the Broken Tooth Entertainment family, featuring on multiple local Hip-Hop releases and shows, as well as put together Keep On Moving; an incredibly deep and rounded EP for a first official debut.

The production credits are as rounded as they are versatile including the likes of Ciecmate, Kharnivor, and MKC. The 9 track EP sets off with the song, Believe produced by Ciecmate to more traditional boom bap. This is a moving and uplifting motivational piece about self determination and belief in moving forward from trouble and breaking through into a stable place in life. For all of the strife Dr. Flea has endured throughout his life, the album continues to take an optimistic and uplifting feel as the title track, Keep On Moving explores the passing of a close friend. It’s a heart wrenching tale over a smooth Kharnivor beat that still leaves the listener inspired that Dr. Flea can find a positive outlook in the face of personal adversity.

The EP is strongly focused on Dr. Flea, with sparing feature artists and each appearance being purposeful and complimentary. Diem appears on the explosive “Landmine”, which is already being lauded as a track of the year by Goon Bag Radio. Ciecmate and Spit Gemz (USA) lend a hand on Reflect, Flowz provides perspective on Home. Some smoother vocals are supplied by Dr. Flea’s brother, Tom Farfalla, on For the Love and La La on City Lights. In a world of harsh realities, it’s refreshing to have a dose of perspective to bring optimism.

The Doctor is IN, with an instore @ Obese Records in Prahran on August 9th between 4-5pm. Dr. Flea Keep On Moving drops August 9.

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