Profecy, is a self-made hip hop artist who grew up in Lismore, on the East Australian coast. Profecy during his early, definitive years had little to no exposure to what was designed to become his life’s passion and mission; hip hop music.


Learning through trial and error, by going with one’s instinct, and just giving it all he got, in the past year Profecy finally got national radio recognition, got featured on blogs worldwide and made the top 10 on for his first single ‘Walk With Me’.

Profecy’s song, Standing In The Rain possesses the deep passion of a forgone love. The video captivates the intense feeling of heartbreak and addiction. In his new video for Standing In The Rain Profecy captures the struggle of love and life perfectly. The video shows a young couple who are madly in love but the boyfriend can’t overcome his addiction to drugs which causes a major rift between the two lovers.

After the conflict can’t be resolved the two go their separate ways but can’t seem to find happiness without each other. The video tells a beautifully tragic tale that could only be supported by the distinctive musical style of ProfecyProfecy is accompanied by Matt B who provides an infectious hook that will get stuck in your head for days.  All I Got EP due out September 2nd online for free download.

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