Benny Diction & Able8 – Life Moves

Life Moves is the brainchild of prominent London-based MC Benny Diction and prolific Australian beats producer Able8. The two met at a Melbourne hip-hop night in 2011 and have been working together since.

life moves benny diction & Able8

Both established artists in their own right, they have combined to turn hip-hop on its head and create something that stands out from the usual format. Able8’s signature sound combines the world of dusty vinyl samples with heavy bass-laden electronic sounds and swinging drums, providing the perfect backdrop for Benny to paint his intricate, tightly-woven rhymes. The result is an exciting mix of classic hip-hop with a futuristic, off-kilter sound.

The single and video were met with praise and acclaim, played on Internet radio shows worldwide as well as BBC Radio 1 and Base FM (NZ). The pair also released in May, a collection of 7 tracks entitled the ‘Spring EP‘ to whet the appetite of listeners for a full-length project from the duo.

Now, the debut album from Benny Diction & Able8, Life Moves, is available now on Boom Bap Professionals. Expect the duo’s chemistry to shine throughout, bolstered by features from UK MC’s Cappo, Zaman and Gambit Ace, US rapper Biz Bronze, Australian vocalists Julez and Myla Vinyl, as well as cuts from DJs Rasp and Sugai. Naturally, Benny’s fellow Punning Clan members Tony Skank and Ro Jista also put in sterling guest appearances.

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