Cozzabags – 808s and Rock Greats – About the album

After several weeks and several hundred downloads of 808s & Rock Greats, Cozzabags has released a video discussing the album; talking on the reasons for using the Kanye West, 808s concept, the decision to use Rock anthems for sampling, artists who helped on the album & artwork, as well as the Rock legends sampled on the mixtape.


The video is filmed at the iconic Rock/Hip Hop venue The Espy, in Melbourne’s beachfront playground – St Kilda. Cozzabags’ latest track uploaded from the album combines both the unplugged and album versions of “On A Plain” by Nirvana with “The Recipe” by Kendrick Lamar & Dr Dre and lyrics discussing materialism.

Containing 16 tracks, a skit, some 808 beats and a bungload of rock’s greatest samples – 808s & Rock Greats is available for FREE download now.

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