Trials – The Bum Kit 2.0

Direct from the dusty banks of Mr. Trials collection of sonic horrors comes the first official custom drum kit for your own disgusting pleasure. With fuck-off kick drums to put the boom in your bap and snares that snap harder than legs from a 50 story fall – it’s all here.


  • 20 kicks, 20 snares, 20 hats & 20 crashes
  • Direct from Trials studio session files
  • Processed through state of the art hardware & software to make them track ready
  • Drag & drop directly into your DAW and/or samplers
  • Suitable for use with Logic Audio, Pro Tools, MPCS, Maschine
  • 24 Bit 44100 WAVS
  • Not recommended for softbeats
  • Bonus ‘Bum Kit’ version 1 free

When ordering ensure correct return email address for an original download code to be generated and delivered to you. all digital orders processed under 24 hours.

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