Tornts – Street Visions

Tornts’ 6th studio album will be hitting shelves October 18th. Yet another step in his evolution as an artist who pushes all boundaries. With production from the usual suspects Beat Butcher, Ciph Barker & Kharnivor as well as Tornts himself.


Street Visions is one more sharp nail in the coffin of all his critics. More details to come soon.

BTE Upcoming Releases
The following are imminent on BTE, so keep your eyes and ears focused:
Tornts – Street Visions: Release Date: October 18th
Dental Records Vol. 2: T.B.A
Gargoyle – Sink Or Swim: Release Date: T.B.A
Grand Lodge 3 (Ciecmate, Mortar & Dazastah) – Nothing To See Here: T.B.A

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