Now that the party’s over, Rinehart speaks again!

Take a trip inside the home of Gina Rinehart, see how she gets along with her staff, and her nerves start to fray as the questions on Laterline just get harder and harder. Prudence Vindin is back in the role of Gina, in a transformation so drastic even her father barely recognised her under the prosthetics, wig and fat suit.

Prudence said the role was “an actor’s dream. But the more I get to know about Gina, the more I feel for her. The stuff going on with her children is very sad. However some of the things she has said are pretty amazing too, like the $2 a day comments and her poetry. Being such a provocative and controversial figure, Gina would have seen a lot of this, but if she sees this parody I hope she takes it light heartedly, but also reflects on some of the points”.

With episode one and two already causing a bit of a stir and picking up some national press coverage, the only way for this little satire now is up, and with Gina making more and more of a spectacle of herself each week, the timing couldn’t be better for episode 3.

Once in a while a figure head steps up in Australia, so full of themselves and their own ideals, that all we can do is laugh, and Gina – A Political Satire aims straight at that kind of humour. By laughing at would otherwise make us cry, and hoping a little information might sneak its way in there with the laughter.

Series creator Nicholas Baldas said; “Our environment needs our attention more than ever, but we have powerful self-interested groups, such as those in the fossil fuel industry who are clearly looking out for themselves. I think this is insane and Gina Rinehart personifies this madness for me and only continues to do so with her latest comments. Gina brings the activist out in me, and I felt I had to take a stand and voice my opinion in some way. I chose to do it through art, because it’s the best way I know to express myself

Episode 4 hits the Baldino Industries channel on YouTube next week (18/09/13), and delves deeper in to the issues that have Gina hitting the headlines so often, with climate change, the mining tax and media ownership all getting a mention, as the Laterline questions get closer to home.