Jimblah’s Phoenix Out Now!

Phoenix is Jimblah’s first album on Elefant Traks, and one of the most powerful records released in the label’s 15-year history. Single-minded in its focus on a modern Indigenous experience, Phoenix is devastating for its beauty and harrowing insights.The pacing and narrative transform a collection of songs into life size revelations as Jimblah shows how potent hip hop can be as a vehicle for calling it like it is.


“I dedicate this to my people. We have an enduring struggle, and many wish to turn a blind eye. I think we can often forget how strong we actually are. We’ve been thrown into the fire, in hope that the flames would finish us off, but they didn’t. We survived.”  – Jimblah (from the Phoenix liner notes)

This is not an Aussie hip hop album. This is a soulful testimony driven by the conviction of an aching voice and a breaking heart. Listening deeper to the distinctiveness of Jimblah’s delivery, you can hear the weight on his conscience physically cracking through the surface of his buttery tone.Trawl the internet and you won’t find a flow or singing style quite like his.

Young, gifted and dangerous, Jimblah handles all production, singing and MCing on Phoenix, with only a few guests appearing, including his sister Jada Alberts (Redfern Now, and winner of Belvoir Theatre’s Alvares Award) and long-time collaborators Zaachariaha Fielding and Georgia Blod.

Take flight, Phoenix.

Available now on CD+MP3, Vinyl+MP3 (please note vinyl ships late Oct / early Nov), iTunes and all good record stores.

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