Sirgin – One Love

Western Australian MC and producer Sirgin Supadi, is now taking the independent approach for his album release under his label Diligent Records. The album, entitled One Love, is scheduled to hit online stores on October 19th, and is produced in full by Sirgin.


Sirgin spent his childhood exploring different instruments. Throughout high school, he wrote songs regularly and played as lead guitarist in a band which was given the chance to support Karnivool at a youth festival in Perth.

Moving to the United States temporarily, and residing there for 2 years, he witnessed first-hand, the lifestyle that is quite often addressed in Hip Hop music and culture. Sirgin began expressing his interpretation of that life through his music.

After spending time working in a studio environment and producing songs for local artists, Sirgin moved into song-writing. After returning to Perth and taking numerous steps towards developing his own sound, the 13 track album is now ready for release.

Sirgin recorded the album in WA, and is now in a position to release the work under his independent label, Diligent Records. “Releasing it yourself takes some work, but the payoff is having more freedom to make choices.” That kind of freedom has enabled Sirgin to self-produce One Love, as well as experiment more throughout the creative process.

Singles Dreamin and I Keep Riding are both receiving media exposure, being featured in the NZ World Heli Challenge 2013. Both songs offer a sneak peek into what fans can expect from Sirgin’s album, One Love.

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