Tom Showtime – The Showtime EP (2008)

Celebrating five years in the game, Tom Showtime re-issues his debut release. The Showtime EP blends so many genres, but is probably defined best as down-tempo electronica with a hip-hop feel.


Tracks like Doobe Bop and Rare Medium are proper head boppers, deep yet bouncy with spaced out sax sounds. Punchy Disco lives up to the name, with a more solid beat that’s bound to get some feet tapping.

“This was my debut EP in 2008, back when I was just called Showtime. It’s five years old now, so I thought I’d give it away for free. Enjoy..!”Tom Showtime

While tracks such as ‘Normality’ and My Soul Fell Out provide the down-tempo grooves that round this record out. Listening to these five tracks, you’ll definitely know it’s Showtime

1. Normality
2. Doobe Bop
3. Punchy Disco
4. Rare Medium
5. My Soul Fell Out

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