Hopsin – Knock Madness Australian Tour

This December the notoriously independent Hopsin will be heading to Australia, promoting the release of his highly anticipated new album – Knock Madness. His roots lay in an $8 microphone from Walmart, and after a long and argues process, have since flourished into a worldwide success story. With a little help from his friends, Hopsin has released albums, booked tours and played in front of sold out shows around the world. Meanwhile, the momentum keeps growing.

1380724_597065370332096_817864108_nDespite the lack of support he faced, Hopsin knew that his raw talent would one day allow him to spit his rhymes in the face of all of his critics. He combined his skills with a bold statement through his style and appearance, thus emerging from his basement as a true artist in every sense of the word.

Hopsin founded Funk Volume to share his story, spread his message, and display his many talents. He’s embarked on a long journey to hone his skills and embrace his individuality, so with his new found confidence nothing and no one could stand in his way. Funk Volume encompasses everything Hopsin went through which ultimately lead to his massive success: real pain, real passion, real music.

Along with DJ Hoppa, Hopsin makes his return to Australian shores following his successful tour in 2012, which sold out cities across Australia. Hopsin releases his new album on November 24th. The Funk Volume documentary will be released on November 11th. Tickets are available now.

Hopsin 2013 Australian Tour Dates:
12th December @ The Espy, Melbourne
13th December @ The Tempo, Brisbane
14th December @ The Enmore, Sydney (ALL AGES)
15th December @ The Bakery, Perth
16th December @ BeerGarden, Gold Coast

Tickets on sale now from Ticketbooth.com.au

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