Suburban Dark – Mind Reader feat. Jeswon

Suburban Dark are Sydney boys Chris Irvine and Ryan Wilmott. Meeting at university the duo came together in the late 00’s, with the intention of making grimy bass music. Hugely influenced by dark hip hop, grinding drum n bass, electronica doused with nostalgia and straight up heavy metal Suburban Dark’s music is not to be messed with.


Suburban Dark’s first 7” release ‘Expeditions‘ was through Sydney electronic label Frequency Lab in 2009 and grabbed the attention of one of Australia’s best known electronic and experimental music publications ‘Cyclic Defrost‘.

Continuing to collaborate and refine their sound in a direction dubbed “fight beats” via contributions to various hip hop compilations and mix tapes, the duo signed to Big Village in 2013. Their first single Skeletonne feat. Jeswon made a huge impact on triple j, giving the band their first national platform when it was added to rotation.

On the 26th of July Suburban Dark officially released Second Front with FBi labelling it a ‘giant leap forward in Sydney Hip Hop‘ and Drum Media proclaiming it ‘one of the most outstanding Sydney releases of the year’.

The album’s second single Mind Reader features Jeswon’s off the wall flow and lyricism over a thumping electro anthem. Mixing the rhymes with electronic sensibilities to create a unique sound, Mind Reader shows a melodic side to the beats and more introspective theme in the raps. Already scoring heavy support from triple j and community radio, Suburban Dark are continuing to push the boundaries of local hip hop.

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