Snkr Frkr x Mr Black Cleaner Kit

It’s no secret that dirty kicks get you dirty looks in our world. Quite frankly, there’s no excuse for shabby shoes when you can keep ‘em clean and mean with a minimum of elbow grease.


Recently we met Mr Black, famed worldwide for his denim cleaning solution. Together we collaborated on a special formula that delivers unparalleled performance when it comes to cleaning suede, vinyl and mesh. It’s a double-strength, all-natural fluid that dissolves grime and removes scuff marks quick as a wink. The second bottle kills bacteria stone dead and neutralizes stinky foot odours in the process.

Packaged in the highest quality red pleather known to man, the co-branded custom box is a nifty device that keeps your cleaning paraphernalia organised and doubles as a conversation starter on your bookshelf.

You get one bottle of the Mr Black Cleaner and one bottle of Mr Black Refresh, plus a handy brush for applying the solution. We’re also slipping a custom copy of issue 29 inside as well! This is the only way you can get this LE cover of Sneaker Freaker 29! $45.00.

PLEASE NOTE: These wont ship out till December 10, as they come with Issue 29 of Sneaker Freaker, which is still in production.

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