Hopsin – Knock Madness Adelaide Show

This Month, Hopsin, one of the biggest and best Independent rappers today, will be heading to Australia to promote the release of his highly anticipated new album Knock Madness.


From the days of $8 microphones from Walmart, to growing into a worldwide success story, Hopsin has risen from ashes and soared into glory, but that hasn’t happened overnight. Despite lack of support, Hopsin knew that his raw talent to rhyme would one day allow him to spit in the face of all of his critics. Hopsin, with the help of friends, has released albums, booked tours and played in front of sold out shows around the world. And the momentum keeps growing.

Hopsin’s long journey has comprised of, honing his skills, getting comfortable with who he is as an artist, and founding Funk Volume, a record label, to share his story, spread his message, and display his many talents. Funk Volume represents what has made Hopsin successful…real pain, real passion, real music, because, as Hopsin claims, “I’ve come too far, and been through too much to let anything bring me down”. Combining skills, image [often seen wearing white contacts], support from his Funk Volume team, and determination; Hopsin has emerged a complete artist. There’s no one and nothing that can stop him now.

Hopsin, along with DJ Hoppa, make their return to Australian shores following Hopsin’s successful tour in 2012, which sold out cities across Australia. K21 will be supporting Hopsin tonight. 

Final date: 18th December @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide. Tickets on sale now!

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