Mickey Deville – Omnicide feat. DJ Eclipse

Mickey Deville is a Sydney MC best recognised for his intricate rhyme schemes, razor sharp wordplay, and a savage delivery.


Since releasing his independent debut album Doomsayer in 2011, the self professed ‘Silver Tongue Assassin‘ has spent his time steadily building his musical arsenal and collaborating with some of the U’S’ Underground’s best MCs, DJs and Producers.

Gearing up to release his next effort in 2014, Mickey D has teamed up with Boston based producer C-Lance (Enemy Soil) for the upcoming 8 track EP, Cloak & Dagger, which features guest spots by members of La Coka Nostra, Demigodz, and more.

The first track Omnicide is out now, and features production by C-Lance and cuts by DJ Eclipse.

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