MGM x Pozible Partnership

MGM and Pozible have partnered to offer musicians the option to have their crowdfunded albums, singles and merchandise distributed through MGM’s subsidiary Waterfront Records. Musicians that opt in will also see their crowdfunded music now count towards the ARIA and AIR Charts.


The partnership will make distribution easier for musicians, who will no longer have to go to the trouble of fulfilling the ‘Reward’ orders of their music and merchandise following a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible.

The service will also give artists the option to have online retail built in to both their own and Waterfront’s websites on an ongoing basis. Both MGM CEO Sebastian Chase and Pozible Director Alan Crabbe believe the partnership is a milestone for crowdfunding and the Australian music industry.

“I am really pleased that Pozible and MGM, two independent Australian enterprises, have teamed up to create a new initiative that can provide a funding and distribution solution which enhances the options available to Australian artists and supports their efforts to build sustainable careers”, said MGM CEO, Sebastian Chase.

“While it will certainly make the lives of our musicians much easier, not having to send out crowdfunded albums and merchandise themselves, what I am most excited about is that the partnership will see Pozible music count towards the ARIA and AIR charts. This will have a huge impact for so many of our musicians who use the platform as a pre-selling mechanism. We couldn’t be happier about working so closely with Australia’s premiere independent music distributor.” said Pozible Director, Alan Crabbe.

Musicians will are able to have their crowdfunded albums distributed by Waterfront Records now.

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