Gig: Dialectrix & Loose Change Easter Thursday

Sydney born and bred hip-hop artist, Dialectrix is playing a not-to-be missed gig at The Newtown Hotel this Easter Thursday. Claiming a well-earned presence on the local hip hop scene, Dialectrix has had a stellar career as both a solo artist and as part of several collectives.


His rhyming style has been described as multi-syllabic, using beats inspired by artists such as Busta Rhymes – matched with humanistic lyrics in a more down-to-earth style other prominent Aussie MC’s are famous for.

Our homegrown MC is a local hero on the Inner-West’s Hip-Hop scene, and will come together to share his lyrics at Newtown Hotel on Easter Thursday with supporting act, Loose Change. Loose Change is made up of Rapaport and Ellesquire, and the group formed in 2008, brought together with the intention to produce a more laid-back and soulful approach to hip hop, with a nod to 90’s pioneers such as Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde and Slum Village.

Catch Dialetrix and Loose Change on the 17th of April at Newtown Hotel. Doors are open well before 7pm, and this not-to-be missed gig is 100% free-of-charge.

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