Milan Promises

Recently named “The Next Big Thing” by The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney-based soul artist Milan releases the video of her new single Promises taken from her debut EP Glassy Eyes. With the signing of artist management, booking agent and a publishing deal under her belt the future looks bright for the 23 year old.


The past 18 months have been eventful for Milan. With a planned trip to the USA in June, fans can expect the release of more music and live shows in the near future.

“Both the clip and song really speak for themselves, they don’t sugarcoat the story in anyway. I didn’t write the song intending to send out any particular message, I have just witnessed these types of relationships, as I’m sure a lot of us have, and I wanted to tell that story.”

“People can expect another EP, or maybe I’ll skip to an album. I’m working on about 20 tracks right now so I’m just seeing how they all fall together. I feel my writing is getting stronger and I have started to produce a lot more so I am really looking forward to sharing all these new songs with everyone. Il be heading over to the States in June to work on some more music and once I am back I look forward to putting on a lot more live shows!”

Promises is the second single taken from Milan’s debut EP Glassy Eyes. Glassy Eyes is available for download on iTunes.

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