My Element Hip Hop Photography Exhibition

10x8Gallery is excited to present five young, up and coming Sydney photographers and their collaborative project, My Element. Opening Thursday 24th, April at 6pm at the stunning 10×8 Gallery at Central Park, My Element features 24 photographic works, that explores hip hop locally and abroad.

My elementHailing from diverse artistic backgrounds, and sharing a common love of hip hop, these artists have created a compelling and intimate journey for the socially interested, engaged or convert. Showcasing unique and intimate portraits, My Element takes you on a tour, around Australia and into the birthplace of the beloved music – The United States.

The exhibition celebrates some of the cultures most renowned emcees with their own unique style, affording you a glimpse into the lives of eminent artists both on and off the stage. Whether you live the culture or are a fan of the music or just plain interested in society at large, we invite you to allow these 5 photographers to be your tour guides for a moment in time.

Music on the night featuring DJ sets by
Raph (Jackie Onassis)
The Tongue
DJ Skoob

Prints by Blanco Negro
Design by Listen to The Graphics
Drinks by Bulleit Bourbon
Food by Beach Burrito Company

The five artists;
Averie’s photos explore identity and perception within the subculture of Australian Hip Hop.

Bradley’s photos explore the edges of society from sex workers to gang members.

Christopher’s photos evidence the passion inherent to cultish activities

Tristan shoots to capture a novel perspective and chronicles youth and urban culture through his insightful and curious lens.

Steven’s photo’s work outside a niche market across a variety of subjects.

More information can be found here.