LHA Leehahn & Adikkal Clarity

Salute to the Skies is the third single off the upcoming album Clarity due out this month. Featuring on this track are Canberra MCs, Suavess & Indighost previously of Raw City Ruckus.


It was a very chance meeting to link up with these guys and we are stoked to have them on board on this jam! Here is what the guys had to say about the new clip:

This music video is about juxtaposing lyrics of song which is about the jaded nature of being an adult but finding the motivation to push on and staying positive with the innocence, energised and youthful nature of kids, which highlights the absurdity of how we can all get caught up and all to serious in life and also that sometimes we just want to let out our inner child“. 

Download the album on 17th of July on www.lhamusic.bandcamp.com

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