Mikey Hundred Neon

You may know him as Allday’s DJ, or you may already be familiar with his music too, Filipino born and Melbourne based Mikey Hundred never stops. From production, writing, rapping and recording to film, photography and design, there is no denying his passion for creative control.


Unsigned and self managed, there aren’t too many artists on his level that can say that they’re doing what he does. Schooled by Phrase and DJ Flagrant years ago, he was first brought on to the scene as Phrase’s DJ. Young and wide-eyed it was then that he learnt the true meaning of stage presence and commanding a crowd, which built the foundations of his energetic live shows today.

As Phrase stepped back from the scene Mikey Hundred went on and stepped in for local Hip Hop legend Reason, who had him DJing and rapping on tour. It was then that Mikey Hundred had the honour of seeing Reason through his hip hop retirement, which had him share a stage with Hip Hop kings such as The Hilltop Hoods, Mass MC and Terra Firma.

Mikey Hundred comes with a range of different energies. 2013 saw him release two E.P’s. The first titled Lights & Death Ahead which was largely influenced by his mentor the late Jim Stynes. This EP was more of a personal project of self reflection and life lessons.

mikey hundred hunj star

His second E.P, Mansion, which featured production from Cam Bluff and Supleezy from the U.S, came later that year. Mansion is a celebration of lifestyle with references to clothes, skateboards, girls, boys, partying and putting in work to write a type of life. Filthy Rich doesn’t need money, and being a “brat” is about doing what you want for yourself. Mansion redefines as it was written to spark life in to life. You can find both releases here.

Mikey Hundred is currently in New York working on a brand new EP, he has just dropped a brand new track titled Neon, we spoke to Mikey briefly here’s what he had to say about the new track.

“I’m in New York at the moment writing my next EP, got production from Cam Bluff and Jord Levus, plus a couple others. It’s 3am here and I’m staying up so I can release Neon just after Australia have finished dinner haha”

Check out the brand new track Neon, below.

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