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Patty Mills is an Indigenous Australian, NBA basketball player and Olympian, currently a guard for the San Antonio Spurs. “For My People” documents Patty’s professional and private life from traditional dancing on a tiny island in the Torres Strait to playing against the best basketball players in the world. His journey into the NBA is extremely unique & will inspire not only basketball fans around the globe but anybody who has a dream.


Directed & produced by RushRush is a photographer and videographer known for his black and white celebrity portraits, gritty street culture images and music videos. The broad range of subject matter in his work is influenced by his background as a DJ.

Rush, with support from a grant funded by ACT Torres Strait Islanders Corporation has been filming the “For My People” trailer over several months. In wishing to promote awareness of Australian indigenous culture, highlighting Patty Mills success as a vehicle for encouraging all young people to follow their dreams.

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