Hip Hop Artists Call For A Boycott Of Israel

Don Martin feat. Immortal Technique (US), Eltipo Este (Cuba), Tumi (South Africa) and Tonto Noiza (France) have combined with Producer Tommy Tee to release a hard hitting track titled Boikott Israel.


The track is primarily Don Martin, one-third of the Norwegian hip-hop group Gatas Parlament, who for twenty-plus years have been something comparable to Norway’s version of Public Enemy. It also features what can reasonably be called a global consortium of militant hip-hop notables: well-known Peruvian-American rapper Immortal Technique, El Tipo Este of Cuban duo Obsesion, Parisian rapper Tonto Noiza, and Jonnesburg-based Tumi Molekane.

As if to drive the globalism home, each artist raps in their native tongue. The sample at the end is from author Arundhati Roy’s famed “Come September” speech, delivered in September 2002.

You can visit BDS Movement www.bdsmovement.net to get more information on the boycott campaign.