Realizm Hypebeast Matador

With his first release of 2014, South Australian emcee and producer Realizm brings a mixture of instrumental hip hop, official remixes and new exclusive songs with this banging 23 track project.


The release titled Hypebeast Matador, has been teased for a moment now, it’s final release includes artist’s such as K21, Maundz, Flu, Geko, Force, Sinks, Dialectrix, Fraksha, Diem, Brinks and Purpose.

All remixes have been done with the permission of the original artist. So, you could consider it as an official remix project. Hypebeast Matador is available now as a name your price download, you can pick it up here. Be sure to keep an eye out for hardcopies, which can be found in local record stores around the place.

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