LHA Clarity

Clarity is a brand new album from LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal)

Leehahn & Adikkal has just dropped his brand new album comprising of 11 unique tracks that incorporate elements of funk, soul, jazz and hiphop with love, struggle and passion.


The album is a reflection of the challenges and changes that LHA have experienced in their journey of life and music. Pondering about the direction of their lives, and through the process of making the album, the goals and things the group wanted to achieve in life have become a lot clear. They hope that this album can help you clarify what you want in your everyday life.

Clarity is produced by LHA, with guest lyrics and vocals by Undighost, Suavess, Moka Only, Substantial, Jordan Rake, 2Deep, Danilo Ray and Kimberly Aviso.

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