Sampology Teams Up With Daniel Merriweather For Next Single

Creating multi sensory, high octane, audio visual landscapes from sound, prodigal producer Sam Poggioli is Sampology.

Having toured the world from India to Germany to China to North America in the past year alone, coming fresh out of studios in Berlin and L.A, Sampology returns to his home soil of Brisbane next month to debut his very first live show and epic new album material at Australia’s globally recognised music conference and showcase event, Bigsound.


Working previously with a wide ranging roster of talent from South African artist Spoek Mathambo, to dancehall guru Beenie man, and Summer Heights High comedy genius Chris Liley, Sampology’s wild talents ignite audience’s imaginations. His next collaboration sees him partner with twice award-winning neo-soul R&B singer/songwriter, Daniel Merriweather for the epic single release, Shine A Light (Released Oct 7th).

A sure fire hit for Sampology, Shine A Light is a big, bright sparkly sun drenched anthem and marks brave new territory for the magician-like AV mixer. Fusing international sounds with his homegrown frequencies to forge a richer, more elaborate flare, Sampology’s sound continues to be adored by niche and mainstream crowds alike. Bringing the high hats, hand claps, chanting vocals, Merriweather’s soaring lead and big club sound to life, this smile spreading tune comes to life deliciously on record. Just a taster of what’s to come from Sampology’s hotly anticipated album in June 2015.

Maturing the music, Sampology not only brings his all new one man AV show to the stage (Touring Australia Nationally in November), but his very first live show (Touring Australia Jan/Feb), which promises to be his most ambitious and mesmeric achievement yet. There are no limitations.

Showcasing new and improved exclusive visual imagery and special effects at Bigsound with his new solo AV show on Sept 9th, industry will get a very special preview of his debut live show on September 11th. Taking stage activity to the next level, Sampology’s pioneering live extravaganza is something to get very excited about. A 3-piece live act consisting of Sampology who will take control of the visual elements via hardware and software and a bunch of other technical magic we couldn’t even begin to understand, along with the drums, beats and percussion; Jordan Rakei on keys and vocals; Tom Thum on vocals and crazy looping. Expect the unbelievable from their impossible, dancefloor designed, beat tapestries, marking the ascent from AVDJ to fully fledged live act. A ‘must’ do experience.

Framed by a halo of ginger kiss-curls, animated and fast moving, mensa-like in his mixing capabilities, the energy behind Sampology’s audio visual shows are internationally acclaimed. Love for the Brisbane natives pioneering production is spreading fast. His collaborations and aspirations have become greater. If you haven’t yet come across his innumerable talents then you soon will. Look into the future of sound and tune-in to Sampology.

Bigsound Dj/Solo Av/Live Show Dates
Tues, Sept 9th (7.30pm-8.00pm) – AV show @ Falcona Bigsound Party, Oh Hello!
Thurs, Sept 11th (11.30pm-Midnight) – Debut of Sampology Live Show feat. Daniel Merriweather, Tom Thum & Jordan Rakei @ InTheMix Stage, Woolly Mammoth (prev. Coniston Lane)
Thurs, Sept 11th (1am – 1.45am) – DJ set @ Purple Sneakers Bigsound party, TBC Club (prev. Bowler Bar)
Friday, Sept 12th (11.15pm-1.45am) – DJ set @ Brisbane Festival, SpiegelTent

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