Stretchy x Juñor D.R.O.P

Stretchy is a talented young female rapper from Melbourne Victoria, who is currently residing in Sydney. She has just released a brand new track featuring R.E.A.L Music Family member Juñor, and it’s titled D.R.O.P.


The trap/dubstep infused banger has received quite a bit of attention over the last 3 days and has Stretchy going in:
//“Better understand my girl, she’ll romp ya, don’t look past the image son, she’s a monster”//

Expect more from Stretchy over the next few months as she gears up to release her latest EP, We’re So Free. Expect that in November later this year. Juñor is also in the process of recording 2 new EP’s. Vino will be produced by one half of popular French electronic duo Primat, and a concept EP called Fluorescent Connections, expect both this year. 

You can pick up D.R.O.P as a free download by clicking the link in the player below.

Stretchy  ||  R.E.A.L Music