Obese Records Friday Fatlist By Jim Steps

Jim Steps on that Obese Records Friday Fatlist tip.


01. The Almighty RSO ft. Mobb Deep – Wars On
The Almighty RSO are a crew from Boston, Massachusetts. One of their first breakthroughs was winning the ICA B-Town Rap Battle in 1986. In 1988 they released the single, “We’re Notorious.” It wasn’t until 1996 that the crew produced their first full length LP titled Doomsday: Forever RSO which included the single Wars On feat. Mobb Deep. I can remember the first time I ever heard this track, it was in my best mates older brothers bedroom. We had snuck in there to hit up his hip hop tape collection… and his bowl. We were both unfamiliar with RSO, but had been fucking with a bit of Mobb Deep here and there, it went straight in the tape deck. As soon as that first line hit, “The time has come, to bring it like I never brought, I’m being forced to wreck fucking word and knock you off course”, we knew it was going to be a favourite.

02. The Notorious B.I.G.- Big Poppa
Our list could not be complete without the inclusion of the legendary Biggie Smalls. The Ready To Die LP dropped in 1994 and is still one of our favourite albums ever. It was Bad Boy Records first release for the label, and features production by Bad Boy founder Sean “Puffy” Combs, Easy Mo Bee, Chucky Thompson, DJ Premier, and Lord Finesse, among others. The track ended up being Big’s first top 10 hit and peaked at #1 on Billboards rap chart. “To the honeys gettin’ money, playin’ niggaz like dummies”. I would have picked the track ‘One More Chance’, but there wasn’t a film made for the album version of this track. The Remix version, which lets be honest blows, features a different beat, new lyrics, a new chorus and vocals by Faith Evans and an uncredited Mary J Blige. The song was played as tribute to Biggie on the Up In Smoke Tour, which was in 2000. Snoop Dogg announced that Biggie was his homeboy, wishing the two had a better relationship, before he passed. Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre played this song as homage to Biggie.

03. Boot Camp Click ft. Doug E. Fresh, KRS-One, Fat Joe & Jeru the Damaja- 1,2 Pass It
This track was found on another mixtape found in my mates brothers collection, he was a massive Jeru fan and used to bump his tape of The D&D Project on the reg, it was also the only single released from the album. I always asked him to play the opening this track. It’s a monster, featuring Doug E. Fresh, Fat Joe, Jeru the Damaja, KRS-One, Mad Lion, and Smif-N-Wessun. It also features production from the one and only DJ Premier. Lyrics from Fat Joe’s verse were later sampled and used in the chorus of Jay-Z’s “Bring It On”, and Pharoahe Monch’s Intro of his album Internal Affairs. A Line from Smif-N-Wessun’s verse was used on the chorus of Jay-Z’s “So Ghetto,” produced by DJ Premier. A line from Jeru’s verse was later used on his own song “Scientifical Madness”. The D&D Project LP opened a world of doors to me and opened my eyes to a heap of underground rap.

04. Masta Ace ft. Punch & Words – Block Episode
I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a sucker for a great story track and there’s one MC that does it better than anyone else we’ve heard and that’s Masta Ace. His uncanny ability to transport me across the world and take me to any location, in the world is unparalleled.

The album sold poorly compared to his previous releases but was lapped up but fans and critics alike. The concept for the album is still considered by many, including us, to be one of the best on a rap album. Disposable Arts dropped in 2001 was his first since 1995’s Sittin’ On Chrome. Two other dope tracks from that album included “Unfriendly Game” which was used in the TV series The Wire and is included on one of its soundtracks and the track “Take A Walk” was used in the video game Saints Row, and was found on one of the various in game radio stations. The clip for this track is not an official clip, but was pieced together using footage from a variety of movies.

05. Mass MC- The BBQ Song (Bad Luck BBQ) ft. MC Thorn One
One of our all time favourite local tracks. Taken from Mass MC’s 2000 “Mastermind Alliance”, the track features production from Debris, Flak and Suffa. The track samples The Other Side – Diggin’ Up The Yard and was the third official release on Staik Rrcordings/DoubleBeef Recordings. There’s something about this track that really cemented my love for Hip Hop in Australia and yes, we pumped it at all BBQ’s & house parties! It always got the party in the right mode.

06. Cross Bred Mongrels ft. Reason – Party’s Never Over
The Cross Bred Mongrels consisting of DJ Debris, MC Flak, and Flee were an Adelaide hip hop crew that released numerous tapes and LP’s including Overgrown Town in 1999, World Domination in 2002, and Restore Your Faith in 2005. Their 2009 release titled Certified Wise, featured the track Party’s Never Over featuring Obese Records, Reason. What really caught my attention with this track when I first heard it, was the knowledge & history that the boys were dropping, especially with the verses from Reason & Flak. Shout outs to Australian’s version of the Teacher!

07. Conseps, Patti, Trials & Sesta – No Edicate
It was a tough choice between this track and Funkoars Kindney Shifters for the number 7 spot, even though these are ranked in no particular order. I was unable to find a stream of KS on youtube so No Edicate won out. I actually got my Mum to purchase my first copy of Funkoars – Who’s Your Step Daddy? The guys in Big Star Records had no idea what was going on, this was well before the days of actually being able to purchase music on the Internet, and living in a small rural town didn’t help matter. This track featured on Conseps & Pattis’ 2007 mixtape, The IceBreaker which was mixed by DJ Kansel. There are so many quotable’s in this track, including my favourite: “I dragon punched out of the guts, I hate cunts”

08. Hilltop Hood s- The Calling (Live)
One of the tracks that propelled Hilltop Hoods to the top of local hip hop pile. Whenever I heard this track live, I wanted to be in the front row of a Hilltop Hoods gig. They are the best live act in the country, out of any genre (haha) what more can I say. Hilltops are #1, and forever will be in my mind.

09. Bias B ft. Bigfoot & Lazy Grey – Move on the Pavement
Featuring a host of kiler emcees including Lazy Grey from QLD, Bigfoot from VIC and of course the ladies man, Bias B also from VIC, was exactly the reason why I picked this track. I believe this was one of Heata’s first ever clips that he filmed. Executed around 2004. The production on this track is classic Bias B head nod shit, raps are fierce and it really represents what hip hop was like here in the early naughties. Lets’ take it back!

10. Certified Wise – 13 MC’s and 3 DJ’s
Lifted from the Culture Of Kings Vol.1 release, this is a posse track featuring SA’s Certified Wise Crew. The track, as the title suggests, features 13 MC’s and 3 DJ’s. MC’s include Flak, Flee, Suffa, Kolaps, Trauma, Kris, Simplex, Raph AL, Headlock, Intalekt, Blockade, Pressure and on the decks, DJ Debris, Jugular, & Dymes. The track was also produced by Debris. I grew up on Certified Wise and to this day it’s still my favourite crew, closely followed by SBX. Culture Of Kings Vol. 1 was a classic drop, actually the whole series was, even with the criticism Vol. 3 received. Will we ever see a Culture of Kings Vol. 4? Doubt it.

Notable mentions:
Andy Struksha ft. Pegz & Delta – Sellout Playground
Clandestien Swan Song feat. SBX
Reason – Cloud Surfing feat. Pressure
Pegz – Walking On a Cloud
Funkoars – Kidney Shifters
Suffa – Up & Down
Bias B – Rainy Days

Listen here: http://bit.ly/YfOS5T