Purpose Bad Kids Camp feat. DJ Butcher Official Video

At a time where hip-hop is becoming more gentle, it takes something powerful to stop the culture dead in its tracks.

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“This is not a single, this is something else” – said Purpose, and right he is. The first song released from his new album Make Yourself At Home, and first release under his new independent boutique label Number 83 – sees him team up with hip-hop/electro producer DJ Butcher to bring you something sure to shake both genres by the shoulders.

The beat morphs around Purposes manic delivery as he packs his bag and takes us back to “Bad Kids Camp”. The visual, co-directed by Richard Sandham (EightLimb Films) & Purpose himself, is an exciting clip sure to do the rounds on your social media feeds and timelines while he prepares the first official single for release.

I just feel like before we go forward we gotta go back. When I started writing this album I found myself in a position where I had all the same problems I had when I was 17 again. That’s why this album feels more specific and direct than my first. I tell a lot of the stories that give you some insight into why I say the things I say now and how we arrived at this point. My principles are the same but the way I go about it is totally different.”

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