Bill Burr Live At Andrew’s House Vinyl Release

Comedian Bill Burr will release the vinyl album, Live From Andrew’s House, recorded live at Burr’s legendary 2011 Carnegie Hall performance, on September 30, 2014 from Third Man Records. The Live From Andrew’s House LP is available for pre-sale now at, and everywhere records are sold on September 30th.


“As a stand-up comedian, to get to perform at Carnegie Hall is a milestone; so when I found out that I got that gig I knew I wanted to document the performance,” stated Burr. “Most of the material on this album is the same material that eventually became the special You People Are All The Same and I didn’t want to screw over people by putting out two DVD’s with similar material. So this is a special release of that performance that will be on vinyl only.”

Live At Andrew’s House was recorded at Carnegie Hall on November 11, 2011, four months before Burr taped his third hour-long special, You People Are All The Same, on March 3, 2012. The album gives fans the opportunity to experience a landmark performance in Burr’s career and the early workings of a set that became Burr’s critically-acclaimed third special.

Bill Burr’s upcoming special, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, will be available on Netflix starting Dec. 5. Filmed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Burr tackles the zombie apocalypse, romantic comedies and the negative side of childhood hugs. Burr has two recent specials still available on Netflix for streaming– the aforementioned You People Are All the Same (2012) and Let It Go (2010). You can order the vinyl here.