Mailer Daemon Ronin LP

Mailer Daemon marks October 3rd (MGM) with his debut Ronin LP, a 90s referential rock album that baptizes bass-heavy-cyberpunk-rap in shoegaze alt-rock guitars.


This takes Mailer from ‘Producer’, to legitimately innovative artist in his own right, having notably written, performed, produced, and mixed the album entirely himself, with flowered patches from guests such as Lou Millar of Twin Caverns.

Having solidified a noteworthy sound in the forces of Australian Hip Hop, Mailer doesn’t lean on honorary collaboration stripes from last year’s Gravitas EP elite like Jeswon of the Thundamentals, The Tongue, P Smurf of the Daily Meds, and Jackie Onassis. Instead, he forges his own path, with his unique artistic profile.

The cohesive album experience shines with relevance; Mailer’s sound blazes full phoenix within the through-lined-long-play format. Maintaining a voice by building a trans genre stylistic identify, flipping urban styles, and now breaking even more barriers within the alt rock colour-ways, Mailer Daemon bravely leads the cutting lights of dawning musical trends.

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