Kid Mac // Sabre Norris Higher Official Video

9 Year Old Skateboarding Prodigy Sabre Norris Stars In Kid Mac’s New Video ‘Higher’ From His Album ‘Head Noise’.

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When 9 year old skateboarding sensation Sabre Norris became the third female and first Australian female in history to land the illusive vert halfpipe trick – the 540 – one of the first things she did was Instagram message her idol, Sydney artist & musician Kid Mac to let him know that it was his music that kept pushing her to make it happen.

“Kid Mac means so much to me. He says words in his songs that you can feel in your bones. To me the song Higher means get better and keep pushing yourself. He says the words feed your soul. In my brain that means – when you have been trying for ever and ever to land a trick and then you finally stomp it.. that makes your heart froth hard. That’s how you feed your soul. Skating and surfing feed my soul”

Kid Mac, as an artist, know all too well how hard it is too keep pushing even when you feel like you are never going to make it.

“When I got that message and saw Sabre’s pure joy after trying and trying and trying again, I was just blown away. It’s easy to get down on things and think about giving up but Sabre is proof that love and passion and dedication pays off. Sabre is one of my biggest inspirations and the video for Higher is my way to honour that”.

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