Greeley Smoko Official Video

One of Australia’s most active top tier battle MCs, Tasmanian local Greeley has steadily built a name for himself in the battle scene over the past few years.


Having discovered his love for hip-hop at age 12, Greeley began beatboxing and made the progression to graffiti and rapping at age 17. It was in these formative teenage years when Greeley became immersed in the underground culture as he attended high school during the few years he spent living in the USA.

After moving back to Tasmania he hit the local hip-hop scene, taking to the stage to win freestyle battles and support international and local acts such as Hopsin, Xzibit, GZA, Chali 2na, Reason, Illy, M-Phazes, Phrase and Mantra, just to name a few. From there he wasted no time setting his sights on the accapella battle scene, competing at events all over Australia and amassing 20 matches to his name in just 1 year, including classic battles with top tier opponents among the likes of Nocando [USA], Kerser and 360.

Drawing inspiration from the local hip-hop scene and driven by his passion for the art, Greeley’s style is true to his underground roots, blending a fast paced delivery with intricate rhyme schemes and hard hitting lyrics. His songs capture the essence of the classic local hip-hop sound, depicting his everyday experiences and surroundings in an entertaining and easily relatable manner.

Having relocated to Melbourne, Greeley is now ready to release his debut album Apple Isle Child. The album chronicles Greeley’s journey through hip-hop so far and serves as his transition from battle MC to established recording artist.

Featuring production from Davinci, Mdusu, Fluent Form and Eslev as well as collaborations with Manaz Ill, Mistress Of Ceremony, Dunn D, Rates and Full Tote Odds, the long awaited LP serves as a well-rounded first offering from one of hip-hop’s most prolific advocates.

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