LGEEZ Cloud 9 (Prod. JUVE)

Alex Jones and Son Of Sam formed a rap group called LGEEZ in 2012 and have steadily been working towards this debut offering since.


Cloud 9 is a eclectic journey for the listener. Taking you through a variety of musical styles and influences ranging from grimey hip hop all the way up to new school trap music, without sounding forced in any way.

Alex and Sam have been deep in the mix of these genre’s for some time, so the whole journey of making the album was a natural progression. This release delivers good vibes, good beats and immaculate rhyme structures, packed with powerful messages written for the world of today.

We have an exclusive leak of the upcoming albums, title track Cloud 9. You can stream that one below. Cloud 9 the album, will drop this Friday October 24. You can lockdown a pre-order package here.

Track listing
1.Cloud 9 (Produced by JUVE)
2.The Anthem (Produced by Realizm)
3.Fuck It (Produced by JUVE)
4.Bleeding Drums Ft Big Hustle (Produced by Santino Hoodz)
5.Speed Of Sound (Produced By JUVE)
6.Wish Away (Produced by JUVE)
7.Lean & Alovera Ft Hyjak, Big Hustle, SQZ (Produced by JUVE)
8.Get your name Ft Big Hustle (Produced by JUVE)
9.Thousand Faces Ft Stormey Coleman & Lala (Produced by JUVE)
10. Froot Ninja Ft Prime (Produced by JUVE)
11. STD (Produced by JUVE)
12.MDMA (Produced by JUVE)
13.Scat Day (Produced by Santino Hoodz)

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