Vertakill, The Anti-Social Rhyme Veteran Finally Breaks Free From His Shell


Brain Surgery is an album that took too long to make and too long to release. Considering how long Vertakill has been around and actively making music and doing shows, this solo debut is late at best. Fortunately for him this versatile offering is from start to finish pure entertainment for hip-hop purists.

The album has a clear 90’s hip-hop influence, with all the production handled by long-time collaborator Skilogram (Roach Scholars).

The beats range from the dark and dusty to the funky bangers providing the perfect soundscape for Vertakill’s moody story telling. As an MC, Vertakill cut his teeth in the Adelaide freestyle battle scene in the early 2000’s winning multiple competitions. He started writing and recording around the same time, releasing numerous mixtapes at a street level. In 2007 Vertakill and Skilogram under the guise of Roach Scholars released a 12 inch vinyl EP through the Perth based independent record label Green and Gold Records.


They then went on to release the Roach Scholars full length LP Roaches Of The Apocalypse in 2009 through the same label. Now Vertakill is getting ready to release his first full length solo album Brain Surgery with all original production by Skilogram. The album is to be released independently on October the 28th 2014. It will be digitally released internationally through all major digital download/ streaming services (Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon) and will also have a limited CD release locally.

Vertakill will be performing at Butterjam 2 at the Ed Castle in Adelaide on October 25th 2014. The Brain Surgery Adelaide album launch and national tour will take place in 2015. Vertakill “Likes both cats and dogs, but owns neither”.

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